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  • University of Massachusetts Center for Mindfulness where I have done my trainings:





  • The Insight Meditation Society which offers silent retreats:




  • Pendle Hill which is a Quaker retreat center:




  • A poem to start the day "panhala" poetry:




  • Dharma seed talks: Electronic library of Buddhist teacher talks: “dharma talks” and it is free!




  • “Craving to Quit” - a program to help quit smoking - it has been proven to dramatically increase smoking quit rates:





  • Dr Richard Davidson is a readable neuroscientist who does mindfulness research:




  • Valerie Brown is a Quaker and a Buddhist and has a lovely meditation on her website:



This is a link to her website:





  • A website about contemplative photography by Sharon Driscoll who combines mindfulness with Quaker and Shambhala roots: 





  • Elana Rosenbaum's website about living well with cancer:







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